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Variable Elements: Opening Reception at Club Gallery Miami | Coughinggenius Media


“So “Art At The Citadel” located at @thecitadelmia is now @clubgallerymiami , and on the 13th they held the opening reception for a new show called Variable Elements. It was an amazing event, I definitely had a great time. Also, it was great to meet Amanda @ab_artadvisory , we had a quick conversation and all I can say is, I support the vision.

Once again this space is still one of my favorites, I definitely need to go back and take my time. Because there are some pieces that I can only describe as unique and unrestricted. Actually,I have to go back to get a closer look.

Overall, it was a great opening, I love the vision, I love the pieces. I highly recommend it. And congratulations to Amanda, it was a busy night, she was all over the place, but everybody seemed comfortable and present. Amazing job.”


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