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SKEP360 - OPENING EXHIBIT | Coughinggenius Media | May 9th, 2022

Updated: Feb 2


“I recently went on an adventure to check out an art event I found on Eventbrite called “ @skep360 Opening art Exhibit “.

I almost turned back on my way there like 7 times due to bad weather, but my motto is “resistance is the first sign of grace”. And I was right, when I arrived, I ended up meeting an old friend that I look up to creatively, and had a great conversation with a couple of dope artists.

So I was right to check it out and it was an extremely dope event. “ _ Ricardo Laventure


@Skep360 and MUSA are joined forces to host a bimonthly exhibitions in Miami featuring the latest art of the local emerging creative scene.

They partnered up with @penprojects and for this exhibition.


event: April 29th, 6 to 10 pm

Visual artists:

Hunter Hawkins

Jessica de vreeze

Rebecca White

One Mind Lab

Charlisa Montrope

Laticia Sims

Alex Nuñez

Mayte Nicole

Daniel Berman

William Gaber


PenProject is an art gallery founded by Nicole Pozos and focused on featuring BIPOC contemporary artists. Nicole is a Mexican American gallerist with the initiative of creating a space for promoting emerging artists of color. You can visit her exhibit now, “Home is Not a Place,” and check her wall out at our event at skep360.

Homework is a nomadic art gallery that exists ephemerally in the form of temporary exhibitions in experimental art spaces around the world and online year-round. Imagined by Aurelio Aguilo and Mayra Mejia, homework is committed to breaking down the walls of the traditional art world, democratizing it for all.

About Musa: MUSA is a platform bringing together local venues and emerging artists. By partnering with local businesses, MUSA transforms venues into art spaces with the goal of increasing opportunities for local artists to show and sell their work. We are based in the Bay Area and we are currently launching our platform in Miami. We represent more than 300 artists. We have planned more than 100 exhibitions in multiple venues in the West Coast, hosting the art of 277 artists and 70 musicians.

About Skep360: skep360. is a women owned Fashion agency HQ’d in Miami with a 360 approach. They have a beautiful space located in a very desirable area (MiMo) with a studio and showroom in house. They offer full production services such as creative direction, styling, location scout, casting for photoshoot, campaigns, content creation and videos. Their goal is to add value to our partners by consolidating multiple services ( warehouse, logistics, fulfillment)

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