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Showfields Presents: The Art Gallery Feat. CARELA | Coughinggenius Media

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

July 9th,2022

Showfields Miami Beach


An immersive afternoon at Showfields Miami with artist, CARELA! Showcasing his art and brand. His footwear and live art as he creates new pieces in The Art Gallery.

“If you don’t know this legendary artist/designer ,

, I’m happy to be the one to introduce you via a quick video I made at his showcase at @showfields .

After recording a couple clips, I took a step back and allowed myself to be just an observer. And I got to see the love and support from his fellow artists. Even the people passing by, were complimenting and sharing words of support. You can definitely see the level of experience in his movements.

Also, It was really cool to see most of the people who came to see him wearing his brand, specifically the footwear he designed. Which by the way, are extremely cool. Definitely check them out.

Overall, it was a great experience. And a big shout out to @lindsaybllake , you’re doing an amazing job.

I highly recommend everybody check out the next; Showfields Presents: The Art Gallery.” _ Ricardo Laventure

Carela is an artist/designer from Miami, Whose Design-Art Brand that is creating innovative designs using unique materials of high quality for functional art and designer wear. When innovation meets functionality.

"SHOWFIELDS has traversed to the farthest ends of the world wide web to bring you the most interesting store in the world. The ultimate curator, SHOWFIELDS brings together the most mission-driven, design-oriented, innovative, unconventional, and relevant brands, artists, and communities from around the globe."

It is a great experience to have a curated online store like SHOWFIELDS, because it allows the designer to insert their work within a service that generates the world´s attention.


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