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Fountainhead Residency Open House: June | Coughinggenius Media

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

June 25, 2022


We were given the opportunity to meet June's resident artists Natalie Ball, Angela Davis Johnson, and Shizu Saldamando at Fountainhead Residency Open House.

"The @fountainheadarts Residency Open House Featuring June's artists-in-residence Natalie Ball, Angela Davis Johnson and Shizu Saldamando.

This event was an interesting experience for me. I wasn’t really expecting it to be a house. And due to my culture, I was very uncomfortable to record, So I decided to take a couple photos instead.

Even though the setting made me shift away from my creative objective, I actually saw it as a Pro. Because it created a very open environment, a welcome to your neighbor’s house party kind of energy. There was a lot of conversations going on, so it was easy to fall into one or start one.

And I would’ve loved to meet all the featured artists but I ran out time and had to leave for the next event. but I’m extremely grateful, I got to talk to @shizutattoo and get a quick introduction to her artwork and her story. Maybe one day I’ll get a chance to make another visit.

Overall, I had an amazing time, and met some really amazing people.” _ Ricardo Laventure

This open house is a great opportunity to meet the artists, ask them questions about their residency, the exhibition, and their work, and get to know your fellow creative community members. This is also an amazing time to enjoy some of the work that has been taking place during the month from talented artists.

This month's residency focus, Time for You: BIPOC Mothers, is dedicated to women of color who are both mothers and makers. The residency is generously sponsored by Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz and the Sustainable Arts Foundation. The Open House is an opportunity to learn about their lives and inspirations and experience their work.

Fountainhead is the oldest live/work residency in Miami, welcoming 33 national and international artists to the city each year. Every month, Fountainhead welcomes the public into the residency to meet the artists and learn about their work and experience in Miami. To learn more, visit


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