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Co-Creating Act Interview .10 : Who Is Pipe Yanguas? (Painter & Photographer) | Coughinggenius Media

"To free ourselves from all mental noises, to focus on one thought, to be present, to have all our energy directed to one single purpose, is exactly what happens when I am working on any piece."

Interview .10 : Who Is Pipe Yanguas

“We are so grateful for the opportunity to sit down with Pipe of @dotsandlinesworld a while ago . thank you Pipe for your willingness to share your story. And forgive us for the long wait🙏🏾”

“In the creation of Dots and Lines World, I envision a ‘dot’ as a person, and a ‘line’ as a story, an experience, an event, or a dream. Every person has countless stories, that make them who they are, inspire them, and lead them to become a better version of themselves.."

A Little Bit More About Pipe Yanguas:

"Pipe Yanguas was born with an intense artistic vein that keeps him busy creating at all times. Being a visual artist, he has worked as a photographer at The Photo Biographer, a Miami-based company he started back in 2010, documenting the passions of people from all sorts of cultures. In 2020 he decided to show the world his other lifelong passions, drawing and painting, through the creation of his Dots and Lines World. Pipe originally graduated in Business Management at the University of Miami, then took a residential design course at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and finally pursued a 3-year photography degree at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy. His academic and professional path have gracefully shaped the multi-faceted artist he thrives to be."

We Hope You Enjoyed This Interview:

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