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Co-Creating Act Interview .8 : Who Is Pablo Matute? | Coughinggenius Media

"Pablo Matute is an artist who specialize in creating art with Charcoal."

Interview .8 : Who Is Pablo Matute

“We are so grateful for the opportunity to join Pablo Matute @pablo_matuteart in his studio recently, it was an awesome experience to learn about his style and process. But an even greater experience to learn about him and his journey so far in the art world. We can’t wait for you guys to see this interview. And a big thank you to Pablo for his willingness to share his story."

@pablo_matuteart : “ well in the beginning it was all that was there, all that was available. charcoal was an easy thing that I can access.”

A Little Bit More About Pablo Matute:

"Pablo Francisco Matute was born March 11th, 1999, in Hialeah, Florida. He currently lives and works in Hallandale Beach. Growing up in South Florida, Pablo was enriched by this cultural melting pot of Caribbean and South American Culture, influenced by the music, food, and architecture of South Florida. Being a second-generation Latino born of Ecuadorian parents, Pablo recognized the importance of preserving his connections with his culture, expressing it through his charcoal drawing often reverting to symbols and architecture from Ecuadorian culture that form a connection to his memories and experiences in South Florida."

We Hope You Enjoyed This Interview:

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