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ABCDEFG by Pan American Art Projects | Coughinggenius Media

Updated: Aug 13, 2022


Pan American Art Projects announced Abcdefg, a group show featuring the works of Paul Amundarain, Rigoberto Diaz, Filio Galvez, Delvin Lugo, Marlon Portales, Jorge Rios, and Leticia Sanchez Toledo. Abcdefg will be on view from June 25 to August 20, 2022.

“ The @panamericanartprojects , this was my first time at this gallery after hearing about it for months. It definitely did not disappoint, I felt I was inside an art collector’s personal vault. Which honestly might be factual, and not just an observation.

The event itself “ABCDEFG” was amazing, I didn’t get the booklet in the front so I missed out on the important information that I was supposed to know lol. But lucky for me a young man decided to share his knowledge of the gallery with me out of the blue, that was greatly appreciated. I’ll do better next time.

Overall, amazing gallery, amazing event. And the complimentary drinks definitely loosen everybody up a bit. And a big thank you to the bartender, he was very attentive and helpful. I am grateful.”

- Ricardo Laventure

The exhibition is about popular culture today, based on a wide range of incredible mixtures of gender, thoughts, and influences. It's a celebration of our diverse world with pieces from all over the globe, brought together in one place to celebrate everyone’s unique voice thru a masterpiece.

We were able to be part of this amazing event last Saturday, June 25, 2022, at Pan American Art Projects 274 Northeast 67th Street Miami, Florida.


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