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Co-Creating Act Interview .4 : Who Is Marques Toro? | Coughinggenius Media

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

"A big thank you to Marques Toro for his willingness to share his story with us."

Interview .4 : Who Is Marques Toro?

We're extremely excited to share this conversation with you all, Marques is one of those artists that has a very strong work ethic and amazing vision. We can’t wait for everybody to learn more about him.

"I'm Grateful 🙏🏾, A big thank you to Marques @toro_graffix for his willingness to share his story with me. It’s an amazing story definitely inspiring. We almost got a little lost in the conversation over our love for anime/animations lol but I had to do my best to stay professional and focus on the task at hand." _ Ricardo Laventure

Learn More About Marques Toro At :

Marques Is a 24 year old Hispanic American. His mom's side is Cuban, and dad's side is Puerto Rican, he was born and raised in Hialeah Florida. We were curious about his name, which we thought was french. But during the interview he gave us the origin of it; "my name dad's name is Mariano, so he got the first 3 letters of his name. And he used to do graffiti. His tag name was Quest, Q U E S, So he got M A R, and put the names together, and got Marques."

We Hope You Enjoyed This Interview:

We upgraded the lens on the second camera for a more cinematic feel on this interview. We think it adds a better atmosphere. So definitely keep an eye out, and trust the process. And follow @cocreatingact on instagram and youtube for clips of all interviews.

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