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Co-Creating Act Interview .5 : Who Is Augusto Falopapas? | Coughinggenius Media

"We're extremely grateful to Augusto Falopapas for sharing his story with us."

Interview .5 : Who Is Augusto Falopapas?

“Hardwork and Magic, that was the main takeaway for me in this conversation. It’s definitely inspiring and insightful."

I found myself feeling like a student in this interview, And interestingly enough, Augusto used to be an art teacher. Even with the language barrier his words held a lot of clarity for me. I understood what he was saying even when he started speaking Spanish.

A Little Bit More About Augusto Falopapas:

Néstor Augusto Turallas, aka Falopapas, is an Argentine visual artist born in La Plata in 1979. He has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of La Plata, where he also been teaching in the “Visual Language II” section since 2006. He has dedicated himself to painting and public art since 2005. He has had five solo shows: Víctimas del baile (2013), Stalk (2015), Sexting (2016), Wanted (2018), plus a show with live interventions ar the Cariló Arte Contemporáneo gallery (2019). More On His Website!

We Hope You Enjoyed This Interview:

We tried to do a bit more research on this interview, and it took some time to edit, but it is part of the process. And follow @cocreatingact on instagram and youtube for clips of all interviews.

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