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Warehouse 4726 Is CollabARTive : Launch Party | Coughinggenius Media


The @warehouse4726iscollaboartive Launch Party recap video. I’m extremely excited for @bee_font and @iggy_font , I love the new concept. I think every artist will find the opportunity it provides very helpful.

“collaboARTive offers what you need to connect with your own creativity.

-Flexible Time:

Four hour time slots at times that fit your schedule.

-Studio Space:

Dedicated space committed to creativity.

-Artist Community:

Engage with a community of artists.”

I think it was only 3 months ago , we were talking about this idea in our first interview and they’ve already brought it to life. I love that.

And I’m grateful for the opportunities they have provided me. They’re awesome, Thank you 🙏🏾


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