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Sara Schroeder, "From There to Here" - Art At the Citadel | Coughinggenius Media

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

June 30th, 2022

The Citadel Miami


Art at the Citadel presents From There to Here, the first Miami solo show by artist Sara Schroeder, curated by Amanda Baker as part of the international Taking Up Space Initiative started by Jamie Smith of Thrive Artist Network and Kaylan Buteyn of Artist/Mother Network.

“From There To Here is a visual journey through one of the strangest times in my own life and in the history of the world,” says Sara Schroeder. “Showing this collection feels like sharing hope and encouragement, and I'm thrilled to be doing it at Art at the Citadel and under the umbrella of the Taking Up Space Initiative, joining hundreds of female artists around the world to do exactly that: contribute a small piece to help build something massive.”

“I believe the saying is, your reality is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs. And honestly ever since I’ve allowed myself to revisit my love for art. I’ve been running into art galleries and artists randomly everywhere I go. Including this gallery @artatthecitadelmia featuring @saraschroederart , which I ran into while on a quick meeting at @thecitadelmia .

I honestly did not know about this location. But I can definitely tell you that I did not want to leave and I highly recommend you checking it out too. Sara’s artwork is amazing, each piece pulls you in and almost screams at you to figure out the story. But maybe that’s just my experience, and as you can see there’s a lot of pieces to look at. So be careful minutes can turn into hours fast lol

Overall, I love it, it was extremely well curated, shout out to @ab_artadvisory Amazing job. I believe the exhibition is called “From here to There” , if you’re an art lover or enthusiast definitely check it out. “ _ Ricardo Laventure

From There To Here shows the technical growth of Schroeder as an artist. Her use of color and pattern has expanded with a future-looking style. The work of this Florida native was shaped by her family and travel, but it's rooted in Miami.



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