Pan American Art Project: Carlos Estevez "The Life of Meanings" | Coughinggenius Media

The Life of Meanings, a solo show that introduces the newest works by Carlos Estevez.

Pan American Art Project: Carlos Estevez "The Life Of Meanings"

My second time at the @panamericanartprojects , it was definitely an interesting experience for me. I was introduced to a more complex form of expression than I was used to. So learning to see beyond what I think I see and trying to understand what the artist is trying say, was an eye opening experience.

I ended up leaving the event, with a few questions but more importantly with some new ideas.

If you’re going to check it out, try to leave the literal gaze at the door, and allow yourself to be flexible. But that’s just a suggestion, everybody’s experience is encouraged to be different.

Overall, It was definitely a great event, and I'm grateful for the hospitality as always from the staff.