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MainFrame Studio | "First Friday - Our History" | Black Joy Radiance: A Celebration of Creativity at Mainframe : Part 1

In the vibrant world of art, where creativity knows no bounds, a new installation has emerged at the heart of Mainframe. Black Joy Radiance is a captivating celebration of artistry, meticulously curated by the talented Mainframe artists - @jillwellsart, @b_well_, @abenasankofa, and @janaepatricephotography. This awe-inspiring installation, located in the atrium of Mainframe, stands as a tribute to the creatives within our building and beyond.

Mainframe, known for its dedication to fostering creativity and innovation, has once again proven itself as a haven for artists to thrive. Black Joy Radiance serves as a reminder of the artistic brilliance that resides within the walls of Mainframe. It is a celebration of cultural richness, individuality, and the shared love for creativity that unites us all.

Diversity lies at the core of Black Joy Radiance . Through a kaleidoscope of mediums and styles, the artists have crafted a narrative that transcends boundaries and invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world where expression knows no limits. From vivid colors to thought-provoking compositions, each piece in the installation adds a layer of richness to the overall tapestry of artistry.


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