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IPC ART SPACE: Colors Of The Caribbean Photography Talk | Coughinggenius Media

“Colors Of The Caribbean Photography Talk” at @ipcartspace .

IPC ART SPACE: Colors of the Caribbean Photography talk

I ended up at “Colors Of The Caribbean Photography Talk” by chance this past weekend. It was at the @ipcartspace in little Haiti.

Unfortunately, I was only there for the last 30 minutes of the event, but I could already tell it was a great event. From my understanding, it was a group of photographers sharing their photos from a photo walk through little Haiti. And the top 15 will be featured in an upcoming catalog.

A Little Bit More About IPC Art Space:

Overall, I wish I arrived earlier but I still enjoyed the conversation. And the space is great, very intimate, I love the artwork and photos on the walls. I hope to visit again one day soon.

Event Details:

"See the top 15 images carefully selected by Carl Juste and the IPC Fellow, Enrique Rosell. We will discuss what makes these images successful, how they can improve, and ways to convey messages through narrative photography. This project aims to turn outsiders to insiders (and vice-versa) as they capture the colors and corners of Little Haiti. This project is chapter one of the larger project titled "I am Little Haiti: Race, Risk, Resilience" funded by the Mellon Foundation and directed by the FIU Extreme Events Institute."

"As artists of color, the members of Iris PhotoCollective explore and document the relationship of people of color to the world. Free of the dominant culture, we examine this relationship in our own voices, while preserving the integrity and principles of photojournalism."


We Hope You Enjoyed This Video:

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