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INTERVIEW: Open Studio - Warehouse 4726 Tour | Coughinggenius Media

Updated: Aug 13, 2022


"A big thank you to Ignacio Font And Jean Blackwell Font for making me feel extremely welcomed into their studio. And for giving me a tour slash interview, I learned so much and I was inspired by every artist in this space. I came for an event but I ended up having very deep conversations that led to a motivational experience. I am extremely Grateful and excited.

Hopefully I get to meet the other artists that were not at the studio one day. I would really love to learn more about them and their Artwork. But for now, hopefully this video is a good quick introduction to them for you, as it was for me." _ Ricardo Laventure

Warehouse 4726 opens its doors every third Saturday of the month.

As an artist-run space, They offer a unique insider’s view and invite you into the private world of the working artist. See where the magic happens and talk with Miami-based artists about their work and their process.

The Warehouse 4726 Artists in Residence program is a great opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes of what it's really like to be a working artist in Miami. Access to the studio, as well as to the artists themselves, will give you an insider’s perspective unlike any other. Warehouse 4726 Artists in Residence:

  • Jean Blackwell Font

  • Ignacio Font

  • Sean Cruz

  • Tanzanight

  • Alex Perez

  • Elle Barbeito

  • Yossi Peled

  • Sean Levisman

Neighboring studios and galleries include:

  • Nestor Arenas Studio

  • Stained Glass of Miami

  • Art Studio 4724

Between all of the galleries, studios, and exhibits, it’s clear that the variety of arts in Miami is only growing more diverse. So if you’re an advocate for the arts, or even just a lover of photography and paintings, head on over to check out Warehouse 4726 – it’s guaranteed to be well worth it.

Warehouse 4726 is located at 4726 Southwest 75th Avenue Miami, Florida.


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