Co-Creating Act Interview .7 : Who Is Brandon Clarke? | Coughinggenius Media

"We're extremely grateful to Brandon Clarke for sharing his story with us."

Interview .7 : Who Is Brandon Clarke

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Brandon of @brandonclarkedesigns , I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to share his story. It’s definitely a powerful one, I can honestly say, there were some moments where I had to remind myself to keep my emotional composure.

I can definitely relate to the main message of the conversation we had, which for me was “Risk and Perseverance”. I 1,000,000% believe in Brandon and I can’t wait to see him get the acknowledgment he deserves as a top tier artist.

A Little Bit More About Brandon Clarke:

Overall, it was an amazing conversation, Im also grateful for the time and his family. His young sons were extremely well behaved and polite, and allowed us the space to do the interview with no noise or interruptions. Brandon is an amazing father, husband and artist.