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Club Gallery Miami : We Are Nice N' Easy - Happy Place | COUGHINGGENIUS MEDIA

Updated: May 2, 2023

“Alright, let’s start by addressing the choice of sound, and then I’ll get into introductions. I chose this sound because it connected all the dots for me in this exhibit. At first glance, I believed I understood the concept, but after spending more time moving slowly through the space, I was exposed to my inner monologue’s Interpretation of the IDEA.

Once again @clubgallerymiami is one of my favorite galleries in Miami. Amanda @bakez310 is a Genius, the transitions between exhibitions and curations is perfect. I definitely love this new exhibition, “Happy Place” by @weareniceneasy . They did a very good job with this concept. It triggers an inner monologue between the subconscious, in my opinion.

For me, my inner monologue was about how I used to be fully focused on photography and lost my love for it and quit.

The professional side of it took away my inner joy, it no longer felt like creating art. And I felt lost for a while, unable to smile as I take pictures like I used to because I felt like joy equated to being unprofessional.

And believe it or not, that can be very discouraging and lead to losing that inner fire, that creativity, that child-like curiosity. That allows you to continue to grow, and become better, and a greater version of yourself.

Overall, I say understand that your path to self-discovery, does not lead to self-acknowledgment. Your self-acknowledgment is the path to self-discovery. But we tend to treat ourselves like a stranger than a friend as if we don’t care about our minds, our body, or our spirit. It’s a really weird side of reality that escapes me, “the lack of love for oneself.”

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