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Paeonia Studio: Wild Bloom - A Solo Exhibition By Tuto | COUGHINGGENIUS MEDIA

Updated: May 2

“This weekend was definitely interesting, it’s been a while since I’ve been around so many creatives in one space. I definitely felt the synergy, and I decided to just be an observer. My energy was approachable and welcoming but I was trying to not stand out, intentionally, I was tired.

This video is what happens, when I don’t have to think about formality. when I just allow my creativity to bend a moment and build a story. It’s been a while, I’m grateful 🙏🏾.

Overall, it was an awesome event, the space is great and very spacious, and the people were cool. I definitely look forward to the next event. and I definitely recommend you guys stopping by @paeoniatattoos if you need a tattoo.

Once again, a big thank to @catekarate for sharing the event with me.

And thank you to @linasilvar for the video of me standing in the middle of the event.”

We Hope You Enjoyed This Video:

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