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David Castillo Gallery - Shinique Smith : Stargazing | COUGHINGGENIUS MEDIA

Updated: May 2, 2023

“Catching up on a couple events, that I edited in my mind. I do that often unfortunately, but I’m happy I finally got around to actually Editing this one, “Stargazing”. This was an amazing event featuring the extremely talented Shinique Smith @shiniquesmith at the @davidcastillogallery .

“Shinique Smith takes physical stock of fibre culture and the possibilities of a line. Working widely across painting, drawing, collage, video, and installation, Smith creates ecosystems of cooperative corporality. Her works evoke embodied artifacts. Secondhand finds and neo-tribalism interact with Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, and Japanese calligraphy to create playful alterations between super text and subtext, evoking the textile weaves of Smith’s oft-used materials themselves. In an exhaustive effort to process and restore culture, Smith creates menageries that glom high and lowbrow expressions and bury them at the human center.” _ David Castillo Gallery Website.

I will share more about my experience at the event on the blog, but for right now just check out the recap. Which is edited so the colors of art pieces are not accurate colors. 🙏🏾 go to shinique website for the true colors of pieces.

We Hope You Enjoyed This Video:

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