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Art Fusion Galleries Miami : January Visit | COUGHINGGENIUS MEDIA

Updated: May 2, 2023

“It’s been a while since I’ve checked out @artfusiongalleriesmiami Gallery Night, but as always It did not disappoint. Like I’ve said countless times before, it’s definitely an immersive experience. Especially If you’re an art lover, leaving will be very difficult. And if you are a collector, I would recommend you take the whole gallery with you lol.

It was an amazing night, but The highlight of the night for me was definitely finally meeting the man himself @braemer_17 after hearing so much about him from my friend @artbyaliafernandez . Definitely an inspirational person. We had a quick conversation and I could hear the wisdom and feel the passion he has for the arts in his voice. And it was also great to see some of his new pieces and talk about Basel. I’m grateful.

Overall it was a great night, I highly recommend you guys stop by every month if not every chance you get. I always find new pieces that I like or didn’t notice before. It’s a great feeling when you’re in a space that big. Go check it out.”

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