Club Gallery Miami: “Home Sweet Home” Ft. Brigette Hoffman | Coughinggenius Media

Another amazing opening at @clubgallerymiami by @ab_artadvisory featuring the extremely talented @brigettehoffman .

Club Gallery Miami Featuring Brigette Hoffman

This was my first time being introduced to Bridgette’s Artwork, I’m definitely a fan already. I loved the sculptures and ceramics, but while I’m recording I tend to be in a different space. So I definitely need to go back and be an observer.

I’m extremely happy for Amanda, she’s doing an amazing job. I love the new ideas, concepts, and artist choice. Definitely keep up the good work.

A Little Bit More About Brigette Hoffman:

"brigette hoffman is a contemporary sculptor and video artist from miami, fl. she is of nicaraguan and german descent. she achieved her bachelor- master in