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Club Gallery Miami: “Home Sweet Home” Ft. Brigette Hoffman | Coughinggenius Media

Updated: Feb 2

Another amazing opening at @clubgallerymiami by @ab_artadvisory featuring the extremely talented @brigettehoffman .

Club Gallery Miami Featuring Brigette Hoffman

This was my first time being introduced to Bridgette’s Artwork, I’m definitely a fan already. I loved the sculptures and ceramics, but while I’m recording I tend to be in a different space. So I definitely need to go back and be an observer.

I’m extremely happy for Amanda, she’s doing an amazing job. I love the new ideas, concepts, and artist choice. Definitely keep up the good work.

A Little Bit More About Brigette Hoffman:

"brigette hoffman is a contemporary sculptor and video artist from miami, fl. she is of nicaraguan and german descent. she achieved her bachelor- master in fine arts at the academy of fine arts hamburg, germany (hfbk).

her work focuses on themes like play, sexuality, social constructs, and privacy. hoffman’s work provokes significant emotion through child-like impressions and a youthful palette."


We Hope You Enjoyed This Video:

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