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Club Gallery Miami : "Beyond Class" Ft. Josh Aronson & Brian Batt | Coughinggenius Media

Another amazing opening at @clubgallerymiami , "Beyond Class" Ft. Josh Aronson & Brian Batt.

Club Gallery Miami : Beyond Class Ft. Josh Aronson & Brian Batt

As always Amanda @ab_artadvisory did an amazing job, and it was great to meet the artists @jda.usa & @brianbattstudios . they were very attentive and informative, especially to the guests.

I’m extremely excited to see what’s next, when it comes to this gallery.

But overall, amazing event, amazing artwork, amazing people.

A Little Bit More About "Beyond Class":

"photographer josh aronson and painter brian batt share an interest in beauty, collectivity, and idealism. aronson uses photography to construct a utopian vision of floridian adolescence. batt paints ‘intersecting portraits’ that reorganize facial features into new compositions.

batt’s source materials are cut outs from vintage fashion magazines, the contemporary editions of which aronson contributes to. aronson and batt grant access to an imagined space, characterized by their mutual emphasis on the possibilities of transformation and the joy of fellowship."


We Hope You Enjoyed This Video:

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