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Bridge Red Studios: "Materials and Rituals as Alchemy" | Coughinggenius Media

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Materials and Rituals as Alchemy, the current exhibitions at @bridgeredstudios .

Bridge Red Studios : Materials and rituals as Alchemy

I’m glad I got to see the last day of the current exhibitions at @bridgeredstudios . My first impression of this studio was that it was very intimate, with a warm energy and secluded atmosphere. I definitely recommend checking it out.

This was my first time experiencing Victoria Ravelo @leekrasner artwork and I had so many questions. But unfortunately I was running out of time and she had a lot of visitors. I wish I could’ve been able to introduce my properly but maybe next time.

I feel like I’ve experienced Asser Saint-Val @asser_saintval artwork before, but it was great to see these pieces. I’m definitely curious about the thought process behind his creations.

The Final space I got to experience was Emilio Adán Martínez @emilioadanmartinez ‘s Sculptures, definitely an immersive experience. The set up of the pieces almost forces you to slow down and observe your surroundings. And the pieces are at eye level, so you see everything.

Overall, it was a great experience. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see Dinizulu Gene Tinnie’s flag, I forgot to look up. I was kind of drained, but art is always a recharge, I’m grateful.

A Little Bit More About Bridge Red Studios:

"Bridge Red Studios is an artists' complex in North Miami. Bridge Red consists of 10 working artist studios and an exhibition / project space that is run by sculptor and painter Robert Thiele and his daughter, painter Kristen Thiele. Recently, Bridge Red Studios/Project Space was the recipient of a Knight Challenge Grant to further the mission to exhibit, document, and expose the art work of strong and developed artists who do not get the exposure their work merits. Works shown include paintings, drawings, photography, collage, installation, clay art, sound, video, sculpture, and performance."


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