Bridge Red Studios: "Materials and Rituals as Alchemy" | Coughinggenius Media

Materials and Rituals as Alchemy, the current exhibitions at @bridgeredstudios .

Bridge Red Studios : Materials and rituals as Alchemy

I’m glad I got to see the last day of the current exhibitions at @bridgeredstudios . My first impression of this studio was that it was very intimate, with a warm energy and secluded atmosphere. I definitely recommend checking it out.

This was my first time experiencing Victoria Ravelo @leekrasner artwork and I had so many questions. But unfortunately I was running out of time and she had a lot of visitors. I wish I could’ve been able to introduce my properly but maybe next time.

I feel like I’ve experienced Asser Saint-Val @asser_saintval artwork before, but it was great to see these pieces. I’m definitely curious about the thought process behind his creations.

The Final space I got to experience was Emilio Adán Martínez @emilioadanmartinez ‘s Sculptures, definitely an immersive experience. The set up of the pieces al