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Art Fusion Galleries : Oct. 8th "Gallery Night" | Coughinggenius Media

Stopped by Art Fusion Galleries on Oct 8th, as always it was an experience.

Art Fusion Galleries : Gallery Night

Stopped by @artfusiongalleriesmiami on the weekend, as always it was an experience. I love the new pieces, and thank you to @artbyaliafernandez for giving me a tour, I’m grateful.

Once again, I highly recommend everyone that is an art lover or just interested in art in general, to go check it out. There is a lot pieces to check out, and if you’re like me, You’ll probably be in there for 2 to 3 hours.

A Little Bit More About Oct. 8th "Gallery Night":

"Saturday, October 8th, for an evening of music, wine, and dazzling artworks, as well as the opportunity to welcome new featured artists.

Enzo Trapani


Kaitlyn O’neill

Laszlo Antal

Jorge Gerez


Swa Guerra.

You will also have the chance to view new artwork by artist James Luddy.

Presenting live music by DJ Sepideh Amiri "

We Hope You Enjoyed This Video:

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