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Stopped by Art Fusion Galleries on Oct 8th, as always it was an experience.

Art Fusion Galleries : Gallery Night

Stopped by @artfusiongalleriesmiami on the weekend, as always it was an experience. I love the new pieces, and thank you to @artbyaliafernandez for giving me a tour, I’m grateful.

Once again, I highly recommend everyone that is an art lover or just interested in art in general, to go check it out. There is a lot pieces to check out, and if you’re like me, You’ll probably be in there for 2 to 3 hours.

A Little Bit More About Oct. 8th "Gallery Night":

"Saturday, October 8th, for an evening of music, wine, and dazzling artworks, as well as the opportunity to welcome new featured artists.

Enzo Trapani