1 BEACH CLUB South Beach Visit | Coughinggenius Media | May, 28, 2022

1 Beach Club At The 1 Hotel South Beach


" I recently visited @1beachclubsobe "a Mediterranean restaurant in a laidback luxurious atmosphere, encased in lush greenery", for an event called “Ceremonia”. But of course, as always I was way too early to the party. So I decided to cool off a bit with the “Wave Colada” from the bar, which was extremely delicious and refreshing. And to snack on, I had the “Wagyu Mini Burger”, an amazing treat for my taste buds. Overall, a great day, I also caught a glimpse of the Air Show, it was dope." _ Ricardo Laventure

🍹Wave Colada * /$$


Bacardi Superior Rum, Combier Banana, Coconut, Pineapple, Vanilla, Myers Dark Rum Flaot